Monday, October 16, 2017

Trees and Grasses by Jill Randall Granbury, Texas

Trees and Grasses
by Jill Randall
Plein Air Oil 8"x 10"
I am back in Granbury enjoying painting outdoors with my painting friend, Sheri Jones.
My husband and I left for a Alaska the middle of April with a detour to New York for a short visit with family.  It takes us ten to twelve days to drive from New York through Canada to Alaska in our little Casita camper.  We take different routes through the U.S and Canada.  It is always a challenging but delightful trip.  This is our 7th round trip.
Now that I am back in Texas, I look forward to painting the Texas landscape that I love.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Redbud on Hill by Jill Randall Granbury, Texas

Redbud on Hill
by Jill Randall Granbury Texas
Pastel 6"x8"
Not too happy with this one.  I usually switch to pastels this time of year since my husband and I will start our journey to New York and then to Alaska the second week of April.    I find pastels easier to deal with when traveling.
This weekend I will go with a friend to check out the bluebonnets in the Glen Rose area.  We have had lovely spring weather.  There is a thunderstorm forecasted for Saturday afternoon.  We plan to be on site by nine and hopefully be home before the rain.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Country Road 2008 by Jill Randall, Granbury Texas

Country Road 2008 by Jill Randall, Granbury Texas
9"x 12" pallet knife Plein Air
Wednesday was a cloudy but warm 70 degree day in Granbury.  Two painting friends and I went out to a favorite spot that is always different depending on the time of year.  I did this Plein Air on site with a pallet knife.  Not completely happy with it.  It took about 4 hours!  I want to use the pallet knife to quickly capture the scene.  In 4 hours the light changes too much.  I think the cloudy day, length of time,  and changing light did not make for a good painting.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Creek on Coates Road by Jill Randall Granbury, Texas

Creek on Coates Road by Jill Randall
Granbury, Texas
Oil, Plein Air
       Sheri Jones, a painting friend, and I went about five miles from Granbury to a side road that had this lovely almost dry creek.  I painted this on site, Plein Air, at one sitting using a pallet knife.  I had thought to finish it up in my studio, but from past experiences I have found it is best to leave a Plein Air painting alone. 
      There is an energy and movement when painting on site and finishing on site that additional work in the studio dulls. 
   This is the impression of what I was seeing on a lovely February day of sunny weather with 70 degrees.  Sheri and I both agreed, "Isn't it wonderful to be outside painting in February!"

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Pond on Williamson Road by Jill Randall Granbury, Texas

Pond on Williamson Road by Jill Randall
Granbury, Texas
8"x10" oil  Plein Air
 Saturday it was 89 degrees in Granbury, Texas, which makes for a great outdoor painting time. 
Sheri Jones, my painting buddy, and I went to an area where we have painted before.  With the permission of the owners, we were able to park off the road.  It was windy, but a lovely morning for painting out. 
I have found that if I paint start with a brush I can then use the pallet knife to add the texture.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pasture by Jill Randall, Granbury Texas

Pasture by Jill Randall, Granbury Texas
8"x10" oil Plein Air
It was a warm 75 degree  January day in Granbury area.  My artist friend, Linda Miller, and I took advantage of the warm weather to paint outside near Tolar.  Only problem was the wind which made things miserable, but could not diminish the joy of painting Plein Air in Janurary!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Contrary Creek by Jill Randall Granbury, Texas

 Contrary Creek
Jill Randall
16"x20" Oil
This is an unfinished painting that I am revisiting.  I am not satisfied with the color scheme -too many greens and blues. I do like the subject matter which is an actual creek on Contrary Creek Road just out of Granbury, Texas.  I need to do further color adjustment to capture the Texas landscape.