Sunday, October 30, 2011

After the Fog

8"x 10"

Oil on canvas panel NFS

A week ago Monday, I went plein air painting with Linda Popple and Linda Reedy near Bluff Dale, Tx. It was a wonderful foggy day which turned the familiar to mysterious. There were wonderful contrasting colors of cool wet grasses and dried warm grasses.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Morning Light on the Paluxy

10"x 8"

Oil on Canvas Panel


This was painted about 8:30 am Saturday on the Paluxy at the Big Rock Park in Glen Rose. The early sunlight highlighted and intensified the colors. The weather was perfect. I painted with two excellent Plein Air painters: Olivette Hubler & Sheri Jones. It doesn't get much better in Texas in October.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pasture Road

5”x 7”
Oil on Canvas Board
I have been on vacation for several months. Each summer my husband and I leave for Alaska to fish for Sockeye Salmon at a gillnet site located in the Cook Inlet. We have been fishing this site since 1984. This year our son, Josh, came to help his dad fish. I spent the summer cooking, washing, and making bread for them. But even more I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, walking on the beach, and some gardening. We are in a remote area with no computer or phone access except for a satellite phone. I took a break from oil painting, but did continue to observe and think about art.
This year my husband, Eric, and I drove to Alaska in April and back to Texas in October by way of New York. (Our two sons and their lovely wives plus our grandchild live there.) We have a Casita Travel Trailer which is delightful. It was a wonderful road trip. We plan to drive up again this coming April.
Now that we are back in Texas, I am so ready to get back to painting in oil. This little painting is from a photo reference of a pasture road. There was a house behind the trees which I left out and I rearranged some of the bushes. Now I have repainted the first painting and replaced it with this one.