Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pasture Road

5”x 7”
Oil on Canvas Board
I have been on vacation for several months. Each summer my husband and I leave for Alaska to fish for Sockeye Salmon at a gillnet site located in the Cook Inlet. We have been fishing this site since 1984. This year our son, Josh, came to help his dad fish. I spent the summer cooking, washing, and making bread for them. But even more I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, walking on the beach, and some gardening. We are in a remote area with no computer or phone access except for a satellite phone. I took a break from oil painting, but did continue to observe and think about art.
This year my husband, Eric, and I drove to Alaska in April and back to Texas in October by way of New York. (Our two sons and their lovely wives plus our grandchild live there.) We have a Casita Travel Trailer which is delightful. It was a wonderful road trip. We plan to drive up again this coming April.
Now that we are back in Texas, I am so ready to get back to painting in oil. This little painting is from a photo reference of a pasture road. There was a house behind the trees which I left out and I rearranged some of the bushes. Now I have repainted the first painting and replaced it with this one.


  1. Welcome back to the land of painting and blogging. This is a lovely painting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Welcome back to Texas. I'm glad to see you are painting and blogging again.