Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stream on Edwards Road Paluxy, Texas

10"x 8"
Oil on Canvas Panel $150

I went back to the low water crossing on Edwards Road near Paluxy for the second time this week. Vickie Guthrie met me there. We were both determined to paint a plein air at the site. It is hard to paint quick enough and then to say the painting is finished. But the times I have tried to finish up a plein air painting in the studio are rarely successful. They tend to loose their freshness. I am not totally pleased with this painting, but I am pleased with the learning process.


  1. Whats not to be pleased with? I love this one. It's nice and loose.

  2. Jill great job on this one, it looks very fresh indeed.

  3. I love the expressive water flowing thru this painting - very well done!