Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bluebonnets at Fossil Rim

6"x8" Pastel on paper NS

This is an exceptional year for our Texas Bluebonnets. These abundant rivers of blue flowers always amaze me. As a Texas landscape artist, I love to paint what is happening in the scene around me. Right now it is fields of Bluebonnets framed by lacey trees of new spring green. To ignore the bluebonnets would be like asking Claude Monet to ignore the poppies when he painted The Poppy Field, near Argenteuil.

Early Bluebonnets

5"x7" Pastel $25 w/out Frame
The Bluebonnets are so abundant by Fossil Rim near Glen Rose. It was a lovely warm March morning with the mist coming and going. With no wind, it was a perfect plein air day.