Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall on the Brazo by Jill Randall

Fall on the Brazo

Jill Randall

9”x12” oil on Canvas Panel

I started this painting when I went out on a lovely day to paint Plein Air with Sheri Jones and Joyce Thomas on the Brazo in Pecan Plantation. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get the painterly look I envisioned. Guess I took too long of a vacation from painting this summer! Finally I got out my palette knife. It seems like I have spent way too much paint time on this painting, but I am somewhat satisfied with it now. Several times I almost wiped the canvas clean except I really did like the grasses in the foreground. It was the background that was not working. I finally went back through some older photos of the Brazo River as references. I wanted to capture the fall colors which are just now beginning to show.


  1. Im glad you didn't wipe it. I love the way it turned out. You've captured the beauty of the Texas landscape.

  2. Thanks, Sheri, you always encourage me with your words and your lovely paintings.

  3. Beautiful painting! There's a nice contrast of cool and warm tones, with great texture. I think Fall is the best time to paint plein air.

  4. Linda, thank you for checking out and commenting on my blog. It is appreciated. I checked out your blog: and love your painterly brush work and beautiful colors. Jill