Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fall Morning on the Brazos River, by Jill Randall

Fall Morning on the Brazos River
Jill Randall
8"x10" oil on Raymar canvas board $125 
My painting buddies, Sheri Jones and Joyce Thomas, and I spent the morning painting on the Brazos River in Pecan Plantation near Granbury, Texas. Most of the fall leaves were gone, but the fall grasses were outstanding. It was a still morning with no wind which is unusual in Texas. The water was dark and served as a mirror to reflect the scenery. With temperatures in the upper 60’s, it was one of those timeless days that was unusually mild and so perfect for the first week of December.




  1. You have captured the feel of the place. Your reflections of the fall colors in the water are amazing. it is a beautiful fall painting.

  2. I like the fall colors and the reflections on the river.