Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunset Brilliance by Jill Randall

Sunset Brilliance by Jill  Randall
6”x8” oil on canvas board 

This is a composite of several visual photos in my mind.  I love our Texas sunsets, our cedars, and our small streams that flow into the Brazos or Paluxy Rivers.  It is a created landscape, but that is what art is, creating.  It gives me deep satisfaction.
After reading several artists’ blogs about daily painting, my New Year’s Resolution is:  do an art related activity at least 15 minutes a day.  I have the time and there is no excuse for not doing so.  I asked my friend Sheri Jones, who paints 30 minutes every morning before going to work, to remind me of my commitment ­- and she will.   I will get the “What’s on your easel?” email and have to come up with the right response!  I am looking forward to a year of increased “brush mileage”.


  1. Bold and beautiful. Conjures memories of sunsets that you wish you could capture because of their brilliant colors that don't seem to be reproduceable. But clearly they are!

  2. Beautiful rich colors and nice design. Whats on your easel today?