Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chalk Mountain Road by Jill Randall

Chalk Mountain Road by Jill Randall
8”x 16” oil on Raymar Canvas
The low water crossing on Chalk Mt. road is near Glen Rose, Texas.  I started this painting a year ago, but didn’t like the results but did want to paint the scene.  I sanded it lightly and painted over the original using my reference photos.  I worked on it all week and wiped it out three times.  Finally I complained to my friend Sheri Jones about my problems with color harmony.  She suggested that I mix up my gray first then add some of it to my other color mixtures.  I took her advice and the painting seem to paint itself.  I was so pleased I didn’t have to go through another wipe-out or chuck the painting.  Thanks Sheri.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Tree Cat by Jill Randall

Christmas Tree Cat by Jill Randall
5”x7” oil on canvas (sold)
C.T.  is a handsome coon cat belonging to my precious granddaughter.  A rescue kitten, he was her Christmas present several years ago.  When asked to name the kitten, she insisted on Christmas Tree.  My son was not sure what to do with such a non cat-like name. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  Since she would not consider any other name, they settled on C.T. 
My granddaughter started half day Kindergarten this year.  When I was visiting this fall, my son pointed out how C.T. waits at the window at noon for her to get off the yellow school bus.  I asked C.T. what he was doing at the window.  He turned with a patient, but longing look in his eyes as if to say, “Waiting for the bus.” 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fall Sumac by Jill Randall

Sumac Fall Color by Jill Randall
9”x12” Oil on canvas board
I have painted this area with my friend, Sheri Jones, several times. But in the past, I couldn’t quite capture the colors or get the paint thick enough. I love the way Sheri ‘s use of the palette knife gives her such rich colors and decided to give it a try. Using a photo for reference, I got out my palette knife which was fun and very satisfying to use with the fall colors.

Creek at Anderson Ranch by Jill Randall

Creek at Anderson Ranch by Jill Randall
8”x10” oil on canvas board
Tuesday was one of those perfect Fall day for Plein Air painting. Joyce Thomas took Sheri Jones and me to the Glen Rose area to paint at the Anderson Creek Cabins ranch. Mark & Shirley Anderson have wonderful cabins to rent in such a beautiful Texas area. Check out their website:  I was using a small palette knife to paint this view of the creek.