Friday, February 15, 2013

Morning Bluebonnets (sold) by Jill Randall
11”x14” oil on Raymar Canvas Panel
Last year the bluebonnets received the spring rains at the right time and were glorious in our Granbury area.  When I go out painting on location, I go with a group or with my artist friend, Sheri Jones.  I did this painting from pastel sketches I did on location; as well as painting from memory and from a photo reference of a place on a country road near Glen Rose, Texas. It was a beautiful, calm spring sunrise.  The golden sun, the new greens, and the blanket of bluebonnets were so inspiring. It was such a joy to be outside in a remote area painting nature.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wild Turkeys on the Brazos by Jill Randall

Wild Turkeys on the Brazos by Jill Randall
11”x14” oil on canvas panel
This is an enlargement of an 8”x10” plein air study I painted back in the fall with Sheri Jones and Joyce Thomas (posted 12/08/12).  I wanted to do a larger more detailed painting to include the wild turkeys that were in the woods that lovely calm fall day when the river was still and emerald green.  (There are five turkeys under the trees.)
When we arrived, a flock of wild turkeys were on our side of the river bank, but they took flight for the other side as we slowly approached.  As we set up and painted, we could hear the turkeys moving around in the leave and “talking” to each other.
When painting on site, the weather conditions can be uncomfortable.  The overwhelming visual panorama can be confusing.  But when you have one of those perfect days with delightful things happening in the outdoors, there is nothing like plein air painting.  It keeps us going back out for more.
Reference Photo from beach on Brazos river