Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall Sumac by Jill Randall

Fall Sumac  by Jill Randall
8”x10”  oil on Raymar canvas panel
The sumac are always so beautiful in this spot which I visited three times this fall with my painting buddy, Sheri Jones.  However, the first two times I had painting “wipe outs”. The last visit Sheri and I painted here I had a “keeper”.  However, I had to finish it in my studio. I am happy with the results because it has the scruffy look of the place.  I used the pallet knife which is such an advantage for me when painting a plein air piece since I can get strong colors on fast before the light changes too drastically. 


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  1. This has great color and texture. I am so glad you pushed through and came home with a keeper. Love to paint with you.